Next Meeting - Wednesday 24th May 2017 at 7:00pm WHS Staff Room


Welcome to the website of Websterís High School Parent Council. The Parent Council membership is open to anyone who is a parent or carer of a pupil at WHS. We meet approximately every six weeks during term time to raise our concerns with the school, to hear what the school has been doing and to offer a parents perspective. Additionally, we represent the concerns of parents to the school. Although we sometimes have full and frank debates , we always work together with the school in a constructive partnership to make the school a better place for all our children.

In addition, we run events for fundraising and fun, and we aim to host evenings for parents around key issues affecting all our children such as Curriculum for Excellence and On-line safety. We also work with Angus Education Department who are very supportive of Parent Councils and what they can achieve.

This site will keep you updated on what the Parent Council does, what we have planned and how you can join in. We will try to have dates, times, agendas and minutes of our meetings available as well as our annual reports. However the best way to find out what is going on is to come along to one of our meetings and join us to help make your childís school experience as rewarding and successful as possible.

Geoff Hobson